Welcome to Critter – Lets go all the way to the Moon

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Ownership Renounced

The MegaDoge Developer can no longer access the MegaDoge Contract.

Fee Distribution

5% auto distribute to all holders
5% auto added to the liquidity pool

100% Community Driven

Critter Token is owned by the community, members from the community will be responsible for, marketing, development etc.

About Critter

There are literally thousands of cryptocurrencies being launched these days; and all of them are vying for your attention. The team behind Critter decided to do something different. Instead of a top-down approach hierarchical approach to this new technology, the team decided that Critter cryptocurrency would be 100% owned and managed by the community of users – this means you too if you decide to join us. 


We are Critter, we love memes and we especially love our widespread community spanning the globe. Once we get past the scary first few steps of bringing Critter to life, we have big plans for Critter. This is the safest and most fun of the new cryptocurrencies and we have a wonderful community ensuring safe and stable growth. 




The first thing the developer decided to do was lock away the liquidity as a sign of good faith – this helps add validity to the project as it ensures there’s no chance of the developers running of with the money. Right after locking liquidity the Dev Renounced ownership of the contract. It’s literally impossible for the dev to run away with the money, and once liquidity was locked and ownership renounced, the dev became ordinary user like the rest of us.